ESTIA bvba has been an established syndic for over 15 years. We manage a portfolio of around 50 residential properties with over 3,500 apartments.

Our team of professionals takes care of the proper technical, administrative and accounting follow-up of the communal areas.

We organise weekly general meetings for the various associations of co-owners, chair board meetings, organise the maintenance of the buildings and deal with the accounts.

Providing the best possible service. That’s what we strive for, in all that we do.


Technical management: Prevention is better than cure

Within our company, we place great emphasis on good technical management. Prevention is a very important part of this. So we organise the necessary inspections in our buildings on a periodic basis. Thanks to economies of scale, we also have the power to negotiate with larger subcontractors and obtain the best rates for our clients.


Financial management: Transparent and computerised

The bookkeeping for the residential properties we manage is based entirely on the double accounting principle in accordance with the European chart of accounts. Co-owners are considered to be “clients” and delivery companies to be “suppliers”. This uniform system offers you a correct and clear overview of the financial processing of your building.

As stated in the bylaws governing the building, we work according to the distribution keys system. This means that we automatically divide up the distribution of the various expense items.

We can print out an arithmetical balance at any time, indicating the provisions yet to be received, the suppliers yet to be paid, the situation in bank accounts, the assets of the property and the costs per account number.

The statements sent to the owners are clear and prepared using a uniform system.


Administrative management: client-friendly and accurate

Using our software, we manage:

  • the basic details of the building, in accordance with the basic deed
  • the representation of the co-owners when signing contracts
  • the representation of the co-owners in all other acts, including legal disputes involving third parties or among the co-owners themselves
  • secretariat and correspondence services
  • the possibility of printing out a list of owners at any time
  • keeping up to date all details per owner
  • issuing all certificates requested
  • etc.

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